Stewart Brown - Salem Oregon

When the transmission went out on my car, I did not know where to take it. I was referred to Cherry City Transmissions by our family mechanic. I checked around and found this to be the very best place. My car has a transmission that is tough to rebuild correctly. I belong to several car forums, and hear disastrous stories about transmission rebuild mishaps all the time. I was worried at first. Most guys that own cars like mine, order rebuilt transmissions from two or three rebuilders in the country, who specialize in only these transmissions. However, this is my daily driver, so I could not wait for a trans to be build and shipped across the US. Jerry (the Owner) at Cherry City Transmissions certainly does know the idiosyncrasies of my trans. The rebuild he recommended included some parts designed to correct the weak parts in my trans. It has been over two years now, and I am happy to report that my transmission is still working better than new! I am a car guy. This car has it's own web page. I work on it almost daily, so this car means a lot to me. I can safely recommend Jerry and crew at Cherry City Transmissions. They do an excellent job! They did on my car, and fit it in during the busy holiday season, and did it for a fair price. I am a lifetime Cherry City Transmissions customer!

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