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    I have a collectable car, one that I want to have and drive for the foreseeable future. I had the feeling it was going to cost me thousands of dollars to get it fixed due to this car being a rare version of a really popular style. Jerry was very familiar with the style, this issue mine had and that is was not only repairable, but he said he could do it in just a few. After checking around, I discovered Sophar's Cherry City Transmissions is where most shops in the are send their transmissions to be rebuilt. Hearing this and having the promise of a quick turn-around, I took my car to Sophar. The repairs took longer than expected--the ONLY complaint I have. The work was done right and the car runs better now than it did when I bought it! I never knew it could accelerate like it does now! Thanks to Sophar and his awesome crew I now have my baby back and she's running top-notch! Also, this is the only place in town that for the price gives a warranty for the work they do. Save money and headaches - take her to Sophar!

    Kate Barnes Salem Oregon


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